Troubleshooting the Wireless Adapters


Q: Which software disks do I install on my computer?
A: You must insert the disk labeled Micro innovations USB to Serial converter into the computer.  Then plug in the USB to Serial Adapter.  The found new hardware wizard will pop up and just follow the default choices to install the driver.  After the driver is installed remove the disk.
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Q:  Where does the software reside after I install it?
A:  You will see a Prolific USB to Serial Com port under ports in Device Manager.  This will also indicate what com port the driver is using.  Make sure it is using one of the com ports between 1 and 4.  Com 5 and above the driver will not work consistently.
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 Q:  How do I know if my wireless is connected?
A:  You should see both transceivers with blinking lights.
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Q:  Why is my wireless not connecting?
A:  One of the transceiver lights may have gone out  when it was unable to find the other transceiver.  This usually happens if one is left on all the time and the other is turned off.  Unplugging both and replugging both back in should allow for them to re-establish connection.  Could be the electronics are no longer powering the transceiver at the board.  In this case you would need a separate power supply for the transceiver at the board.
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Q:  What is the operating distance of my wireless kit?
A:  The operating distance is up to 10 to 30 meters.
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 Q: What is the wireless warranty time period, and how do I make a warranty claim?

A: Brainbox Wireless Warranty
Subject to the limitations set forth below, Numonics Corporation warrants the enclosed Mobilepresenter BT product against mechanical and electrical failure due to manufacturing defect for three (3) year of the original purchase when the product is registered.  This warranty is conditioned on use and maintenance of the Brainbox Wireless kit in accordance with all documentation provided by Numonics Corporation.  Any modification, addition or repair to the product, or any substitution of parts, by persons other than Numonics Corporation or its designees will void this warranty.  This warranty does not include cosmetic issues (including but not limited to scratches, dents or other marring), ordinary wear and tear, or damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect.  This warranty also applies to the accessories, including the cordless pen.

Purchasers must register the purchased product with Numonics Corporation within thirty (30) days after original purchase to qualify for the one (1) year warranty.  Registration may be made online or by printing out the registration form and mailing it to 101 Commerce Drive, P.O. Box 1005, Montgomeryville, PA 18936-1005, Attention: Warranty Department.  Failure to register the purchased product within thirty (30) days after its original purchase entitles the purchaser to a ninety (90) day warranty from the date of purchase, which warranty will be subject to all of the other terms and limitations above.

To make a warranty claim, please complete the warranty claim form.  ONLY upon receiving proper authorization from Numonics Corporation, return the defective product, together with the original invoice, postage/shipping prepaid, to Numonics Corporation at 101 Commerce Drive, Montgomeryville, PA  18936-1005, Attention: Warranty Claims Department.
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