Troubleshooting PI-1900

Q:  What software do I load on my computer for this to work?

A: You only need to install the PI-1900 disk included with the product. 
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Q:  Why doesn't my pen work?

A: First check to make sure the battery is good and the positive side is down toward the tip of the pen.  If possible try another pen from a known working PI-1900.  The PI-1900 will not work with the Mobilepresenter BT or Mobilepresenter BT II or the Intellislate installed on the same computer.
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Q:  Why don't I get a picture on the PI-1900 screen when setting it up with my computer?

A: Make sure you connect the power supply that came with the PI-1900 to insure the Monitor has power.  Also make sure the VGA cable is plugged into the VGA port on the computer.
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