Troubleshooting DPA II

Q: What parts do I need to connect my DPA II?

A: The standard install is achieved with the DPA II mounted to either the wall or Numonics stand, a 5 meter (16.5 foot) USB cable connected to an available USB port on the computer.  Please note that in laptop installations, the laptop may need to be plugged into a wall outlet to provide the required 110mA of power from the USB port.  An optional power supply and line cord is available for installs that may not be consistently outputting the required 110mA of power.
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Q: When I install my DPA II software, where does it reside?

A: Assuming that you take the default installation path (recommended), the software will be located at C Drive - Program Files - Digital Presentation Appliance.
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Q: Where can I find the User Guide and Help File?

A: Both the User Guide and Help files can be found by click in on Start – Programs – Digital Presentation Appliance.
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Q: Why doesn't my pen work?

A: There are various reasons that it may appear that the pen is not working:

  • The pen battery needs to be replaced
  • The DPA II may not be connected or recognized by the operating system. Please verify that the DPA II Icon in the system tray (usually in the bottom right hand corner next to the system clock) is green. If this is red, the DPA II is not being seen by the operating system.
  • There is no power to the board and the LED is not lit on the electronics (located on the lower left hand side of the rear of the board).

The LED should be red and will turn green when pen tip is depressed on the surface of the DPA II.
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Q: How do I know if my pen is bad?

A: If you have already changed the battery in your pen with a new fresh working battery and the LED on the electronics does not change from red to green when the pen tip is depressed on the DPA II, the pen is most likely bad.  Please disconnect the USB cable from the DPA II for 15 seconds and reconnect, this will reset the electronics.  Now please try depressing the pen tip on the surface of the board again and see if the LED changes from red to green.  If the LED does not turn red, please contact tech support.
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Q: What does the LED light mean on the electronics?

A: The LED will indicate two things:

  • When red, it means that the DPA II has power.
  • When green, it means that MMX pen is depressed on the DPA II surface.

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Q: What does the red or green icon mean in the system tray?

A: Red means that the computer does not see the DPA II. Green means that the computer and DPA II software has found the board and is working.
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Q: When I write, I get a jagged line and don't have full control of what I write.  What's wrong?

A: This could be caused by various things in the environment around the board, please check for possibilities from the list below. If you have any of the following try to move the offending item or move the board to a different location to see if the problem continues.

  • There is a CRT monitor or TV within 3 feet of the board
  • A power conduit is running down the wall behind the board
  • The board resides within 1 foot of the light switches
  • The USB cable is tied or wrapped with other cables
  • There is a power conduit or circuit box on the connecting wall behind the board

Also try replacing the battery in the pen. When the battery is dying, it may cause spiking on the board.
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Q: When I write, I get a delay or dashed line.  Why?

A: The DPA II requires 110mA of power from the computers USB port. If the DPA II is connected to a laptop, please make sure you have power connected to the laptop. In the event that this does not correct the problem, it is still possible that you will need to connect external power to the DPA II to power the board directly.
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Q: How can I extend my USB cable beyond 5m (16.5 feet)?

A: The USB cable can be extended using an Active USB Extension cable. Please contact your sales representative for pricing and availability.
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Can I use an RJ45 to USB adapter to connect my DPAII?

A: Yes the Intelliboard and DPAII products can be connected via the original supplied USB cable, a pair of RJ45 to USB adapters and a Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable. Numonics has tested two such products, the Sabrent USB-RJXT and the Cables To Go SuperBooster #29341. These all connect in line in the following manor:

Intelliboard or DPAII - Supplied USB cable - RJ45 USB "A" Female base adapter -RJ45 Cable (Customer needed length) - RJ45 USB "A" Male adapter -Computers' USB port.

Q: Can I use a serial cable instead of the USB cable, and what do I need to make it work?

A: This is a very common question and very easy solution for longer in-wall runs. Use standard straight through RS-232 Serial cable that will connect the computer to the DPA II. You will also need a Numonics power supply and line cord to power the DPA II. Please contact your sales representative for pricing and availability.
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Q: I just received my replacement electronics.  How do I install them?

A: Remove the old electronics by turning the two thumb screws counter-clockwise until the circuit card assembly backs completely out of the housing. To install the new electronics, insert the card into the guided slots and tighten the thumb screws clockwise until the electronics are firmly seated.
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Q: How can I tell what version of Whiteboard software I am using?

A: Go to Start – Settings – Control Panel – Add Remove Programs – Digital Presentation Appliance – Click here for support information.
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