Troubleshooting DPA

Q: When I install my DPA software, where does it reside?
A: Assuming that you take the default installation path (recommended), the software will be located at: C Drive - Program Files - Digital Presentation Appliance.
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Q: Where can I find the Tutorial and Help File?

A: Both the Tutorial and Help files can be found by clicking on Start – Programs – Digital Presentation Appliance.
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Q: Why doesn't my pen work?

A: There are various reasons that it may appear that the pen is not working: 

  • The pen may need to be charged
  • The DPA may not be connected or recognized by the operating system. Please verify that the DPA Icon in the system tray (usually in the bottom right hand corner next to the system clock) is green. If this is red, the DPA is not being seen by the operating system.
  • There is no power to the board and the LED is not lit on the electronics (located at the bottom center of the board).

The left LED should be red and will turn green when pen tip is depressed on the surface of the DPA.
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Q: How do I know my pen is bad?

A: If you have already fully charged the battery in your pen and the LED on the electronics does not change from red to green when the pen tip is depressed on the DPA, the pen is most likely bad. Please disconnect the serial cable from the DPA for 15 seconds and reconnect, this will reset the electronics. Now please try depressing the pen tip on the surface of the board again and see if the LED changes from red to green. If the LED does not turn red, please contact tech support.
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Q: The LED lights on my electronics are both out, and my board will not work.  Why?

A: The DPA may not be getting power. Please check that you have the serial cable plugged into the DPA and the computer. Also you should have a Numonics 2-piece power supply (power supply and line cord) plugged into the serial cable at the computer end. Make sure that you are getting power from the outlet that you have the power supply plugged into.
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Q: What do the LEDs on the electronics mean?

A: The DPA has two LEDs - the left and right LED. The left LED has two jobs: to show that the board has power (LED is red) and to show when the pen is active on the board (LED turns green).

The right LED indicate pen charging status. When a pen is initially plugged into the electronics via the charge cable or direct charge jack, the LED will turn green for approximately 2 minutes. This is known as the quick charge. After 2 minutes, the pen goes into a trickle charge and the LED will turn red.
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Q: What does the red or green icon mean in the system tray?

A: Red means that the computer does not see the DPA board. Green means that the computer and DPA software has found the board and is working.
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Q: How do I charge my pen?

A: The MM pen can be charge two ways:

Use the supplied charge cable and connect to the top of the pen. Plug the other end into the charge jack located under the center of the electronics. The jack will be about one inch to the right of the connected serial cable.

The second charge choice is the direct pen to charge jack option. This can be found under the electronics to the far right side. Plug the top of the pen directly into the recessed charge jack. The pen will connect and remain stationary with the tip of the pen pointing at the floor.
The right LED will turn green (quick charge) for approximately 2 minutes and then turn red (trickle charge) when the pen is charging.
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Q: What is the proper way to mount my board?

A: The DPA came with a mounting template for wall installations. Please use this template and all required hardware to avoid damaging the DPA. Please contact technical support at 800-523-6716 if you cannot locate the wall template so that we can send you replacement.

Stand mounting is covered in the stand assembly instructions.
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