International Support Service

Numonics Corporation, having achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1998, is highly motivated to provide consistent quality in both product designs and manufacturing process.Numonics recognized the need to repair products quickly in the field and developed easy to use "on-board diagnostics" for all products.This permits efficient on-site trouble shooting by the customer and serves as the first line of support.

Supporting customers worldwide is made easy by aggressively utilizing Internet technology.A comprehensive website provides quick and easy access to information about Numonics' products and services.The website includes a support section, which includes a Frequently Asked Questions page, allowing customers to obtain useful information, make inquiries and/or solve problems in just a few clicks. Telephone and fax support continues to be available for customers who do not have Internet access.

Numonics products are available through an international network of systems integrators, OEMs, resellers and distributors throughout the United States, North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Far East.For additional information, contact the Vice President of Marketing, Interactive Products Division, Numonics Corporation, 101 Commerce Drive, PO Box 1005, Montgomeryville, PA 18936, telephone at (215) 362-2766, email at or visit our website at