Family of Interactive Products

Numonics is a recognized pioneer introducing
the world's first pen-centric interactive whiteboard in 1994 and continuing to innovate
new features that changed the manner in which computer based presentations are
given today. It's patented electromagnetic
technology is the most robust available and
the accompanying software is the "easiest
to use."  EASYBOARD is the newest member of the interactive family released in 2009. This welcomed addition to the best selling INTELLIBOARD (I-board) adds more easy to use features and benefits at a very economical price.  The DIGITAL PRESENTATION APPLIANCE (DPA) is still sold in various countries around the world along with the orignal Interactive Presentation Manager (IPM). Numonics interactive whiteboards have been installed in thousands of classrooms across the country and around the world under various brand names.

Recent developments in RF technology resulted in the development of the INTELLISLATE which was introduced in 2008. This is the third generation wireless portabale presentation device that replaced the Bluetooth version sold under the name MobilePresenter II. These lightweight products give presenters the freedom to navigate their computers from anywhere in the room.

In the United States and around the world, students, educators, trainers and presenters are benefiting from smart technology that allows them to share their ideas interactively without compromise. Ideas and lessons are no longer static; graphics, movies and sound files can be effortlessly incorporated into any presentation. Notes can be saved and distributed later, freeing the audience from note-taking. Attendees no longer need to be passive observers; instead, they can become an integral part of the presentations, spurring collaboration and innovation while improving retention.

Industry experts have consistently recognized both Numonics products and the core technologies for their inventive design and applications. The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce named Numonics "Manufacturer of the Year" in 2000 and the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership bestowed the Ben Franklin Innovations Award in 1997. Presentations Magazine noted Numonics interactive whiteboards in their 2005 Standing Ovation Awards. Religious Product News designated the DPA as a 2005 "Hot Product." In 2006, Multimedia & Schools Magazine awarded the Mobilepresenter BT a five-star review, its highest rating. Technology & Learning honored the Mobilepresenter, naming it as one of its 2006 "Awards of Excellence" and included the Intellislate as a winner of the 2008 "Awards of Excellence."