Introduction to Virtual Whiteboard

Students today live, learn and play in a media-saturated society and quickly become disengaged from traditional learning.  Step up to the 21st century learning environment with a Numonics interactive whiteboard.

Using electromagnetic technology and a multimedia pen, you'll control your computer and all its applications while standing in front of the classroom.  Whatever you can do at a computer screen, you can do at an interactive whiteboard and easily include a large group or the whole class in the process.  With the enormous benefit of being able to recall previous sessions, you can easily continue a lesson from where you left off the last time you met with your class.

Studies done by several prestigious U.S. universities indicate significance benefits to giving presentations using visual aids. In a study done by the University of Wisconsin confirmed that using visual aids improved learning up to 200%. Studies done by Harvard and Columbia Universities found that retention is improved up to 38%. Studies done at Wharton School of Business proved that the time to explain complex subjects is also reduced by 25% to 40%.

Technology in the classroom captivates your students, engages the audience and students are eager to learn and participate regarding the subject matter being presented. Best of all, our virtual whiteboard application is easy to use and fun to learn with our free, flexible web-based training.


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