Some schools just don't have the budget for smart boards in their classrooms.  Our Intellislate is the perfect solution.  You'll still need a projector and a computer, but you can project the image on a wall or pull down screen. 

The Intellislate communicates with the computer through an RF interface that plugs into any USB port on the computer.  It allows you to navigate your computer while moving aro
und the conference room or classroom.  Presenters and teachers no longer need to stay rooted to one place - behind a lectern or in front of the class. Intellislate breaks the chains with innovative RF technology.

Unique Softkeys, located across the top of the tablet, allow instant access to various captivating Presentation Tools, such as Annotation Pens, Spotlight and Reveal.  The software also includes a library of clip art with over 2000 images, as well as the renowned RM Easiteach.  Now you can enjoy a higher level of interaction with your audience while delivering more captivating presentations or lessons.  The Intellislate - a great facilitator to any presentation or lesson.

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