Intelliboard (I-Board)

In this age of techology, what teacher doesn't want a smart borad to enhance the classroom experience.  Intelliboard® from Numonics is the answer!  It's the simplest to learn and easiest to use of all smart boards on the market today.

Teachers want to derive the benefits of new technology products immediately.  We are challenged to provide the right degree of functionality in our products without overwhelming our teacher customers.  So, understanding teachers' need to focus on the learning instead of the technology is our goal.  The Intelliboard (referred to as I-Board) is designed with ease of use as the foundation of this new digital tool.  The I-Board is available in the three most popular sizes, which are 77", 62" and 47" diagonally measured.

By touching the board surface with an electronic pen, the presenter controls the computer environment in real time.  All program functions are transferred to the pen enabling the presenter to stay in front of the audience without touching the computer.  Annotations can be made directly on the projected images to improve audience retention of the material. Note taking software automatically saves written notations or illustrations for distribution during or after the session.

Using the I-Board will improve the quality and content of your presentation to result in greater audience participation and enhanced learning.  

New Dual Pen Option:
Now it's possible for existing INTELLIBOARD Windows customers to easily and economically upgrade their interactive whiteboards to have dual pen functionality. Now two students can write simultaneously on the classroom interactive whiteboard completing lessons.

For products ordered after November 1, 2010, your software is already dual pen capable; all you'll need to order is the secondary (red) pen.  For products purchased prior to November 1, 2010, you'll need to order the Dual Pen Field Upgrade kit for Intelliboard Windows.  The dual pen kit will consist of the following:

1. New dual pen capable electronics module and accompanying installation instructions.
2. Intelliboard software CD
3. One (1) Red DS pen
4. Two (2) AAA batteries & pen tips.
5. One (1) pen holder and accompanying instructions
6. A pre-paid return envelope for the swap of electronics

Check out the overview video in English and Spanish.

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Download 3.0 User Guide