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Find all the information you need in the most trusted, up-to-date, and comprehensive resource. Encyclopædia Britannica, the world's reference leader, brings you the 2010 Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate DVD-ROM or CD-ROM on a six CD set or a single DVD, which provides you with three exclusive, complete and easy-to-use encyclopedias specifically designed for adults, students, and children. Young students can advance to the next level when they're ready, and adults can use it all their lives.

Each year Britannica strives to exceed its own high standards of quality, excellence and accuracy, and this year is no exception. In addition to significant article revisions by Britannica's editors, the new product boasts of a host of enhancements including new ways to explore information, virtual notecards, and updated homework help tools. The 2010 Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate DVD-ROM or CD-ROM also includes a free 7-day subscription to Britannica's online premium service.