Many smart boards on the market require a great deal of time and training in order to get started. Introduced in 2009, Easyboard is the newest, most robust and "easiest to use" digital interactive whiteboard available to teachers today. It was designed to take the technology out of teaching so the focus is on the lessons and the students.

Simply touch the surface of the board with the multimedia pen and run all computer functions, such as opening files, running digital video clips, or downloading free content from the internet – all from the front of the room while keeping your students' attention.

The 14 softkeys on the Easyboard provide a variety of teacher requested, easy to use presentation tools to bring focus and emphasis to any lesson. Annotation pens, reveal and spotlight or screen capture functions are activated by touching the graphic icon on the Easyboard with the multimedia pen. Live annotations over any program, documents, drawings and web pages are easy and can be saved for electronic distribution or incorporated into a virtual whiteboard session.

The comprehensive Easyboard virtual whiteboard software is the perfect place for lesson plan development. Access information from the web and incorporate it with other data to create dynamic and entertaining lesson plans. Write and draw over projected images, annotate in color, highlight, cut and paste images and capture it all for future use.

Easyboard will improve the quality and delivery of your presentation resulting in greater student participation, increased classroom collaboration and enhanced learning.

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