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 3M SCP716 Projection System Bundle
w/ Mounting
  • SCP716 short throw projector (760155)
  • Telescoping arm with speakers (760156)
DS Pen and Accessories The DS pen is robust in performance and durability.           
1. It has a battery that is replaceable and disposable.          
2. With a AAA battery, the pen's minimum life is 140 hours (active / continuous use).  The DS Pen goes into "sleep mode" when not in use to save battery life.                                    
3. Compatible with current and previous versions of the Intelliboard, DPA II, IPM and DPA interactive whiteboards and software releases.                                                               
4. Includes a kit that has two (2) AAA batteries and two (2) replacement pen tips.

Replacement Stylus Inserts – Kit comes with 5 replacement Teflon tips that go into the tip of the DS (part #783176) pen. 

DS Pen Holder is an accessory that mounts to side of the board to hold the DS pen.  It is mounted with 2 screws that secure it to the back of the board. 

783176 - DS Pen





783197 – DS Pen Tips


783185 – DS Pen Holder

Dual Pen Kit
Intelliboard Only
 One (1) Red Pen
Two (2) AAA batteries and pen tips
for Intelliboards purchased after 10/15/10 with S/N greater than 10066506
Dual Pen Upgrade Kit - Intelliboard Windows Only  1. New dual pen capable electronics module and accompanying installation instructions
2. Intelliboard Windows software CD
3. One (1) Red DS pen
4. Two (2) AAA batteries and pen tips
5. One (1) pen holder and accompanying instructions
6. A pre-paid return envelope for the swap out electronics
for Intelliboards with S/N less than 10066507
MMX Pen Accessories (for MMX Pen only)


Replacement Stylus Inserts - Kit comes with 5 replacement Teflon tips that go into the tip of the MMX pen. 

MMX Pen Holder is an accessory that mounts to side of the board to hold the MMX pen.  It is mounted with 2 screws that secure it to the back of the board. 

MMX Pen E-Wand Extension extends the MMX pen so it can double as a pointer.  This allows the user to stand even farther away from the board. 

783082 – MMX Pen Tips

440798 – MMX Pen Holder

440804 – MMX Pen E-Wand Extension

Mobile Stand for Model 62/77 Numonics Mobile Stand is ideal for easy mobility of the Intelliboard, DPA II, IPM and DPA. It may be used in a classroom where mounting is not feasible or where temporary installation is preferred. The stand is sturdy, secure and consists of a steel frame including locking casters.
  • Total height (stand and wheels) = 65-5/8"
  • Total with 48-1/4"
  • Total depth 26"
  • 2" square tubing

It is powder-coated, making it more resistant to scratches than painted stands. You may install the Intelliboard and Mobile Stand in any classroom.

Universal Power Lift Wall Mount  UWPLS-1 Wall Mount
Power Control Panel
AC PowerLine cord built-in
4 Adjustable clamps for Board
Universal Power Lift Mobile Stand UMPLS-2 Mobile Stand
Power Control Pad
AC Power Line cord built-in
4 Adjustable Clamps for Board
Swivel Arm Notebook Stand
Power Strip
Cable Management Bracket
Mobile leg assembly with 4 heavy duty casters
Demo video
Intellimount Intelli-Mount is an Over the Chalkboard Mounting system that enables teachers to use their whiteboard without removing/damaging their existing blackboard/dry erase board. Features include:

·         Strong, steel construction

·         Fully adjustable for many mounting positions

·         Easy to mount over existing blackboard/whiteboard

·         Mounts over any solid wall surface (wall anchors not included)

783183 – Wall Mount for Intelliboard & DPAII only

783198 – Wall Mount for IPM & DPA only


 Intellitrac  Intellitrac is designed to mount your favorite interactive whiteboard in front of your existing chalk or dry erase board.  It utilizes a very secure and durable dual-track system with rails that attach above and below an existing board. It accommodates a standard height 48 inch tall exising board with chalk tray up to 58.25" maximum 783237 - 12 FT

783238 - 16 FT
Intelliboard Brackets Intelliboard and DPA II wall/stand adjustable brackets. 783108
 EIKI LC-X21B Projector  2000 ANSI lumens
True XGA resolution
Dispalys both 4:3 and 16:9 formats
Wireless Adapter / PS Kit This kit allows the Intelliboard to be connected to the computer wirelessly.  The kit uses RF to communicate between the computer and the Intelliboard.

Note: In order to serve you better, please review that your order is placed with the correct product number. The product numbers have been tailored for your particular wireless needs in order to provide you with the correct kit including the appropriate software upgrade.
783252 -
At time of Intelliboard or DPA II purchase

783260 -
Intelliboard Wireless Kit for a board already in the field

783261 -
DPA Wireless Kit for a board already in the field
16.5' USB Cable This cable is used to communicate with the white board from the computer, when using an Intelliboard or DPA II white board.  This USB cable provides power and communication for the Intelliboard and DPA II white boards. 945196
Universal Input Power Supply (IEC Type) This power supply can be used on the Intelliboard, DPA II, Interactive Presentation Manager (IPM) or Digital Presentation Appliance (DPA).  This power supply will provide power to the board when using either the wireless adapter kit or when using a serial connection for the older boards. 857078
15' Serial Cable & Power Supply  Serial Cable DB9M – DB9F 15'long. Power Supply, Universal input, Instruction sheet. 783049
16.5' Active USB Extension Cable This is used to extend the standard 16.5" USB cable so that there is no signal degradation when extending the standard USB cable. 945197
50' Serial Cable Extension Kit Serial Cable DB9M – DB9F 50'long.  Instruction Sheet for Intelliboard and DPA II. 783057
Macintosh Software Kit  MAC software, latest version and MAC fast start card, MAC OS 10.4 or greater, Intelliboard only. 783056
PenOffice™ Handwriting Recognition Software This software application converts the input received from the interactive whiteboard into text characters.  This software can be used with the Virtual Whiteboard application that is supplied with the Numonics whiteboard. 782939
 USB Serial Adapter (for PC only)  This is used if the computer does not have a serial port on the computer.  This will allow the RS-232 DB9 Serial connector to be converted to a USB connection.  There is a driver CD included for installation of the USB Adapter.  783085 - DPA

783086 - IPM
 21' Serial Power Cable  Serial Cable DB9M-DB9F 21' long for IPM and DPA only  945172
 50' Serial Cable Extension Kit  Serial Cable DB9M-DB9F 50' long. Instruction sheet for IPM and DPA  782921