Introduction to CAD / Digitizer Division 

As a peripherals manufacturer for over thirty-five years, Numonics Corporation is a leading supplier of large format digitizers to the CAD/CAM and scientific imaging industries. Since 1969, Numonics Corporation has designed, developed and manufactured a number of innovative input technologies for which we hold patents.

The light weight, compact size, accuracy and history of durability make the AccuGrid series digitizers the choice of garment manufacturing organizations and scientific imaging companies all over the world. We have succeeded in establishing an international network of OEMs, VARs, and major accounts. 

A digitizer is a device that simplifies tracing of two-dimensional objects.  The tablet consists of a wire grid network that receives a signal from the pen or cursor.  The electronics connected to the grid translate that signal into precise absolute coordinate data that are fed to the computer.  The computer's software then interprets the coordinate data into an image that can be manipulated by the user to create the desired end product.

Numonics has provided innovative technological leadership to the digitizer market by introducing a variety of products considered "breakthroughs" at the time. We are one of the dominant input device manufacturers in the marketplace and we are considered the dominant provider of input solutions for x-ray related devices.

Numonics was the recipient of the Ben Franklin Product Innovation Award in 1997, we are considered one of the dominant input device manufacturers worldwide, a market leader in collaborative communications products, and enjoy a reputation as an innovative engineering, quality manufacturing and distribution company.